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We currently offer 3 different service fee options and many additional add-ons. All of the services we provide will assist us in selling your home for the top price in the least amount of time. All listing contract terms are for 12 months unless otherwise agreed to.

Services Provided Basic Premium Platinum
MLS Listing Metro Denver Area & Boulder X X X
Distinctive FOR SALE signs w/ Fancy Post X X X
Directional Signs from Main Street X X X
Basic MLS Print Out Brochure X X X
Additional Internet Exposure (more than 50 sites):
Zillow, Trulia.com, ReColorado.com, GingerMatney.com, Elevate Facebook Page, REALTOR.com, Craigslist.org
REALTOR.com Enhanced Listing X X X
Special Feature Cards X X X
10 Professional Photos X X X
Minor Staging X X
Full-Color Custom Brochures X X
360° HDReal™ Virtuance Home Tour X X
Additional 15 Photos – total 25 X X
360° HDReal™ Panorama Shot X X
Additional 10 Photos – total 35 X
HDReal™ Interactive Floorplan X
HDReal™ Aerial Shots X
2-5 Additional 360° HDReal™ Panorama Shots X
Custom URL X

Other Options

Include but are not limited to: Professional Staging, Showing Beacon, YouTube™ Videos, High-End 4-page Custom Brochures, Just-Listed Postcards mailed to neighbors, Twilight Photography, Blue Sky Replacement Photography Edits, and more.
All fees are in addition to a co-op fee paid to all buyers agents or transaction brokers that may bring a buyer to your property, resulting in the sale of your home. However, as discussed on Why Work with Me?, we will never double-end a deal, and if your sale results from our efforts without a buyers agent involved, we will reduce the total amount owed and you save.

What Do You Get for Your MONEY?

We don’t just throw your property in the MLS and wait for it to sell. Our efforts are ongoing and strategic and most of the time, “behind the scenes”. Here is a timeline of our efforts to help sell your home:

Before you sell
  • Prepare a CMA (comparative market analysis) to help you in choosing a listing price.
  • Advise of all market conditions and potential issues with the sale of the property. See a sample Market Activity Report.
  • Advice on repairs or improvements that will help sell your home for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time (or according to your timeframe).
  • Lightly “stage” or help you decide how to best present your home for showings.

While your home is listed for sale

  • Daily
    • Schedule all showings through the office and allow access to licensed agents only.
    • Return all agent inquiries about the property and follow up with all email and phone inquiries from potential buyers resulting from advertising.
    • Show property to potential buyers without agents or to potential buyers whose agents are unable to schedule them in.
  • Weekly
    • Provide seller with showing updates and feedback from other agents.
    • Provide market information on sales in the subdivision through sales history.
    • Relist property for sale on Craigslist.com and check all online ads for accuracy.
    • Update or “rearrange” photos in MLS to encourage daily alert systems to resend the listing.
    • Relay 3D tour and REALTOR.com statistics from inquiries and showings.
  • As needed
    • Obtain new sales comps as inventory adjusts.
    • Reevaluate the price strategy and adjust if necessary.
    • Replenish color flyers and make price adjustments on them.
    • Review and update MLS listing with new information and or photos if the season changes.

At the time of your offer(s) and through closing

  • Present offer(s).
  • Advise sellers of options and negotiation strategies.
  • Watch contract dates and deadlines to ensure all seller choices are made prior to deadlines and that the buyer is completing contractual items on track.
  • Order title work.
  • Advise seller on options on home inspection items, which may also include obtaining contractor bids.
  • Schedule closing.
  • Ensure the accuracy of all closing documents.
  • Attend closing.