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  • Remove all garbage cans, discarded wood, trash, and any unnecessary items from the yard and surrounding area.
  • Check gutters and roof for dry rot.
  • Make sure gutters are free from leaves and debris.
  • Inspect all plants. Prune bushes and trees. Keep plants from blocking the windows.
  • Weed all planting areas.
  • Keep lawn freshly cut and fertilized.
  • Remove any dead plants or trees.
  • Clear patios and decks of clutter such as toys,
    small planters, flower pots, charcoal, etc.
  • Check the paint condition of the house – curb appeal matters!
  • Clean windows, a simple but very effective way to SHINE!
  • Ensure front door opens easily and quietly to start the showing on a positive note


  • Clear all unnecessary objects from furniture throughout the house.
  • Keep decorative items to a minimum.
  • Clear the refrigerator of any magnets or unnecessary items.
  • Keep all bathroom and kitchen counters free of clutter.
  • Rearrange or move furniture if a room seems full.
  • Patch and repair paint as needed.
  • Clean carpets and draperies if necessary.
  • Be sure items stored in cabinets or closets are organized and not stuffed full.
  • Clean all mirrors and bathroom fixtures.
  • A clean and tidy house shows the best!


  • Leave some lights on during showings.
  • Turn on some soft music during showings.
  • Try not to be present for showings, and take a short walk if you must be home.

Vacant Properties

If the property is vacant during showings, ask us about our minimal staging options or see info under Options & Fees. We also have staging companies to recommend if the property requires additional items or a higher level of staging.