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Al la Carte Options


Pricing depends on the size of the property.
Vacation Coverage: Emergency only coverage for when you are out of town. Includes assessing situation, documenting issues for insurance purposes and coordinating contractors with tenants for repairs. The per-incident fees are charged by the hour.

Lease Only Package:

The management company provides and facilitates the lease process once the owner has chosen a tenant.

Additional Service Charges:

Examples are issues arising during vacation coverage, help deal with maintenance issues if lease only package, or any other services provided not within the marketing or full-service package.

Marketing Package

For those investors that want to collect rent and hold the deposit themselves, but want some assistance with advertising the property for rent, showings, and signing a lease.

We will:

  • Use your photos or take them for you
  • Advertise the property for rent based on your criteria for a tenant
    • Sign, Flyers, Craigslist and other websites, & MLS
    • Show the Property either open-house style showings or by apt only
  • Collect applications and review them
    • Credit check
    • Criminal background check
    • Prior landlord verification
    • Reference checks
    • Income/job verification
  • Sign the lease with the new tenant
  • Provide all documentation to you for your files

Full Service

Includes everything in the marketing package above, plus photos.
Throughout the year we will also:

  • Collect all rent, maintain security deposits
  • Handle all tenant communication issues, including repair issues and ongoing maintenance repairs
  • Bi-annual property inspections
  • Provide monthly disbursements and accounting statements to the landlord

*Additional discounts for multiple properties. * Create your own package, call us!