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Real Estate as an Investment


Liquidity is the ability to turn the investment back into cash in a relatively short period of time. Real Estate has a low level of liquidity. It may take months or longer to cash out and sell the property, whereas stocks can be sold in a few days or even less time. Stocks have a high level of liquidity.


Risk is the chance that things will not turn out as planned. Real estate has a large factor of calculated risk. It is a slow-moving market and generally speaking, the longer time in the market, the less risk. Using a high level of leverage will also increase your financial risk. Business risk is also a concern if your property requires any management aspects.

Investment Life Cycle

The investment life cycle has three steps. The purchase, operation, and sale cycles. The key to a successful investment is to consider all of the income expected through each cycle and its timing to determine whether it is worth the cost.