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Selling Process

1. SELECT A REALTOR AND ESTABLISH A RELATIONSHIP We are full-time, professional REALTORS with extensive market knowledge. We will work closely together with you to sell your home. Please see more information on the OUR TEAM section of this package about our qualifications and why… Learn More

Our Listings

Homestead Title & EscrowAddress UnavailableCityname, Colorado Elevations Credit Union (HELOCs)Address UnavailableCityname, Colorado Freedom Vacation RentalsAddress UnavailableCityname, Colorado US BankAddress UnavailableCityname, Colorado PackardDierkingAddress UnavailableCityname, Colorado Colored RedAddress UnavailableCityname, Colorado Aqua Dry Restoration Co.Address UnavailableCityname, Colorado K & W SolutionsAddress UnavailableCityname, Colorado Military One SourceAddress UnavailableCityname, Colorado… Learn More

My Home's Worth

What is your home worth? There are many places to get a quick value for your home. Zillow, Trulia, REALTOR.com, etc. Most of these sites are data-driven and do not take into consideration a lot of factors that paramount to arriving at an accurate figure.… Learn More

Listing Tips

Outside Remove all garbage cans, discarded wood, trash, and any unnecessary items from the yard and surrounding area. Check gutters and roof for dry rot. Make sure gutters are free from leaves and debris. Inspect all plants. Prune bushes and trees. Keep plants… Learn More

Determining Price

The Role of a Real Estate Agent in Pricing First of all, there is no “exact price” for your home, and we don’t tell you what we think its “worth”. It is the market that determines value, and together we will determine the asking prices.… Learn More

Options & Fees

We currently offer 3 different service fee options and many additional add-ons. All of the services we provide will assist us in selling your home for the top price in the least amount of time. All listing contract terms are for 12 months unless otherwise… Learn More