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Cash Flow Cash flow refers to the amount of cash on a monthly basis that is left after the cost of expenses on a property. It is generally referred to as before-tax cash flow. If the expense of taxes is taken into consideration it is… Learn More

Types of Investments

Fix and Flip A Fix and Flip is a short-term real estate investment that involves purchasing a distressed property, fixing it up and selling it. You may also opt to fix and hold, where you would fix it and then hold it for longer-term profit.… Learn More


Real Estate as an Investment Liquidity 
 Liquidity is the ability to turn the investment back into cash in a relatively short period of time. Real Estate has a low level of liquidity. It may take months or longer to cash out and sell the… Learn More

Management Companies

Determine the amount of time and effort that you want to put into your real estate investment. It may be suitable for you to manage your own properties or you may want to consult a management company Benefits The benefits of a management company included… Learn More

Why Work With Me?

Why Me, and not another REALTOR? I can offer something not a lot of other agents have achieved…EXPERIENCE. I currently own 15 and manage more than 25 rental properties combined with my brother dealing with more than 60 tenants. I have more than 18 years… Learn More

Investing Analysis Methods

See a Sample Investment Report Cash Flow Annual cash flow is the most basic and commonly used method to evaluate a buy and hold investment. Rates of return are important, but if you can’t sustain the monthly cash flow or loss, then the investment still… Learn More

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Please note that these are the documents I use, and they have not been reviewed by an attorney. Use at your own risk. By downloading any document, you agree that I am not liable for any circumstances having to do with their use. Basic Lease… Learn More